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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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hehe...we have the same ichibans xD.

matsujun was my first ichiban and then i watched ryusei no kizuna and yamada taro monogatari so this way i started to like nino more and more.
and now i dont even know who's my ichiban, cuz i feel that i love them all the same ;)).
but nino and matsujun sure have higher places in my ranking xD.
and sorry for my random post here hehe, but i really felt like commenting since i discovered we have something in common :>

Heyyy~!*high fives* xD
I'm glad someone shares my interest in MatsuMiya xD
I kinda made my self decide on who's my ichiban..And stick their name in my heart somehow.hahaha
But i cross the border sometimes myself seeing Sho being ridiculously cute,Aiba with Panku and Riida,well being Riida. xDD

No no i don't mind random comments.NOT AT ALL.Especially if it's involves Arashi-chan~! xD

hehe ni kwn shasha neh..
i dah add u.
actually lv neh pon wat saje2 je kan bnyk fanlisting kt sini.. so c active sgt la my lv tuh.. but will try to update it when necessary.. by the way.. i loooooooove jun .. but i'm in love with ninomiya.. n my ichiban is ohno.. so how?? hahahaha

yatta~!added back <333
dulu sini utk downloads jugak..tapi lama2 ramai lak kawan kat active je skang ni domain lagi satu tu belum up lagi.isk da bayar pun x up lagi >.<
ehhhh..skang ni cuma malas je nak tuka banner atas tu.. *whistles* i looooovvveeeeee Jun and my ichiban is him and if given the choice,i'll definitely wanna marry him.hahaha xD Tho he's not my first love [buwahahaha sila muntah pelangi tengok ayat ni] but he's forever my only love.Hahaha xD

waaah, can I friend you? :D

I like your graphics..

Oh of course! ^^ I'm adding you to my f-list too ;)
oh btw,i post my graphics in rgpf mostly. :D

hey there syu!
i've added u to my f-list.
btw, ur icon: 'matsujun, what r u doin'??

Amie!!! *hugs*
i added you too.Teehe~
Matsujun is doing what he does best.BEING my SEXY GUY ahahaha xDDD
forgive my delusional mind.

I too love arashi lately. Ohno is my ichiban, although I first met Jun for HYD.

Can I friend you? I like your icons and fanfics


(Sorry, my english is not good)

Hello there! ^^
Of course you can.I'm adding you back in a jiffy.Right after i reply this xD
Eto..But really,most of the things i post here are just random fangirling.Icons and fanfics are over in RGPF's comm xD

Maybe we can be friends ;D Yoroshiku ne! ^^

hello syu..
my name is rin from indo..
let's be friend ^^
thank you so much for adding me..I'll adding u back..
we have same ichiban and OTP*iheard it from zuu*
i'm sure u have heard from zuu that i try to find new friends here..Since i kinda new in LJ..XDD

Hiiii Rin~!

Sure.I love making friends.Especially those who shares the same ichiban AND OTP with me.I love Matsumiya.But i love Juntoshi too.Let's just say i love MatsuOhMiya.hahaha xD
Zukko told me about telling you about me.hahaha but let's get to know each other from now on ne.

Yoroshiku ne~! ^^

Hi, I'm Maruko..
Know your LJ from Zukko and Rin.
I'd like to make new friends, especially Arashian..XD
I loooove Sakurai Sho, used to dislike Jun but now completely fall in love with Jun..^^

I've heard a lot of you from Chii.But was shy to add. :"> xD

I'm adding you back~Oh but i spam my lj quite often with random spazzing.hahaha xD I used to not like Jun too.Before i'm in this fandom.But now.Well you can judge that seeing my layout.haha xD

Yoroshiku ne~!

Hello~ :D

I just realized that I haven't add you as friend. May I? I've already clicked the "add" button though ^^;;


Of course i wouldn't mind!I'm honoured that you're adding me in fact.And i've added you back♪

I'm Anne from Philippines
Matsujun was my first ichiban because of Gokusen ^_^
Then I started to like Nino and Nino became my ichiban but Matsujun is still in my top 3 XD
After that, I started to like Matsumiya XD

Nice meeting you and Let's be friends ^_^

Hi Annesparkles
Oh MY!I love Gokusen too!I love the first and second one most.They're just so cute.And Sawada Shin is just *bliss sigh*.I really like him in Gokusen.I don't think i can ever find anyone cuter than him being a delinquent.

Oh!What made you start liking Nino?
I basically went from Nino to Jun.We're the exact opposite?haha xD Oh and i ♥ Matsumiya too.They're just so cute together. xD

Nice meeting you too!And i hope we can be good friends!arrowup


Hello! Saw that you love MatsuJun, but your icon really caught my attention. The back of a naked man next to a window? That's Sakurai Sho, published in An-An 2010.1.27.

You can pretend it is MatsuJun if you want...

Oh hello there!Going anonymous?I wonder who you are. xD I'm a curious git by the way.Haha

I love Arashi and guy's back generally.And i do love Sakurai-san's back.Very much ♥ But i love Matsumoto-san more.I'm twisted.LOL

I rather not pretend it's Matsumoto-san to be completely honest.I love Sakurai-san as a whole,and Matsumoto-san doesn't matter whom I use for my icon,because in the end,I love Arashi and all the members. =D

They're just too awesome for me to pick only one of them.Though most of time I'm contradicting myself by liking Matsumoto-san a bit more than the rest. xD

Re: Tid-bit (Anonymous) Expand

Can we be friends? :P

And and kyaaaaaaaa~!!!
Your layout is super cunnnnn seyh~~!!! XDD

kina~*major glompage*
B..B..But..we are already friends!haaahah

Eh?Neechan's layout is super cun?Hontou?iyaaaa yokatta *ureshii* i didn't exactly do this from scratch.Tukar-tukar colouring je.And alih2 sane sini.hahaha xD But ughhhhh Jun is cun.Of course he is.hahaha *a proud Jun obsessed fan*

Hi syu! ^^

I love the way you write Matsyujun instead of Matsujun. Inserting your name is cute!
And I laugh when you say you hate Edward because he sparkles instead of burns. LOL
Even though I quite like Twilight, I can still agree with you about that one.
And yes!! I can't hold my self picking pencils, pens, eraser, and even marker when I drop by in stationeries.>.<
I hope we can be best friend! XD

Hi Yuetsuki!Is there anything else i can call you?Something you'd prefer perhaps? =D

*blushes* I kinda like how it's easy to mash my name with his though.I have another journal too.Matsusyu. /bricked
hahahaha glad it made you laugh even though you're a Twilight fan.I was kinda afraid that some Twilight fan may hate me for it.But you seems okay with it so YAY! =D
I know right.They're just so irresistible.I cannot hold myself from buying new pens.I mean normal pens.Not some fancy ones.Even the 60 cents ones will get me excited.haha xD
and oh i hope so too!i'm sure we can once we talk more.oh and i'm adding you up.if you don't mind that is. =D

always see ur user name in simple_robot
and i have taken ur icons also (and love it soo much ^_^)

before i found ur lj acc, i've found ur blog first
accidentally always stalking it. gomen =(
curious with ur username
just discover it from Arashi song's right???
haha.. baka me =P

can we be friends??
and also want to join matsyujun community ^_^


B..b..b..but.I can't waittt for my photobook.OMG i need my money right now.You said there's only 2 books ordered by Kino right?One of it - mine. *grins* OMGGGGGG when will i get my moneeeyyy T_T

Oh and surely you can add me!I'll add you too.I flail a lot.But sometimes i..kinda go all depressed here.So i hope you don't mind that.And oh.You saw my blogspot?haha hazukashii yan~~ I'm usually get all weird when i write there.Oh wait.I'm all weird here too.haha

So.yes.Friends! ♥

Hey there Syu!
I'm Dayana. Yana for short :D
I was jun-baited to Arashi, then I met Nino :))
Can I friend you?
Since you're from Malaysia, I just have to add you XD
Sorry if you think I'm a stalker or anything. The fact is, I'm not.
I'm just a teenager who's still studying in a secondary schl :)

Hello there Yana!
Ohhh i was the exact opposite.Nino baited before i practically fell head over heels in love with Jun. 8D
Sure you can friend me.I'll add u back after replying this. xD And no worries.I'm a bit of a stalker mysefl.HAHAHA

mind introducing yourself first? :D

i'm tyta from indonesia ^^
i already read your description and i found many similarities with you~!

he heee~ i just reading and wondering, is it Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru is a drama? that you had talking about? i just reading the comic, i have a curiosity about it~!! hahahaha

andd i laughed when you dont like Twilight because Edward sparkles instead of burns. lol

oh yeah! may i become your friend? chou arigatou!!

Hello Tyta! ^^ As long as someone loves Nino,she can consider herself my friend.hahaha ♥

Oh BokuImou has an anime OVA which i think is really good,and the Matsujun version is a movie i think.Either that or it's actually an SP drama.I think it's a movie.It isn't really good.I blame it on the ending and Eikura Nana.haha *bricked*

Hahah I don't and can never ever like Edward.IDK.He's just too unreal.haha xD

Oh sure thing dear.I'll add you up! ♥

I was wondering around LJ just to read a lot waste my time right now and I came across your LJ and read this post and this one sentence caught my attention

I'm a Muslim Malaysian.A student of Multimedia University.And erm.A future engineer.I hope so. xD

and OMG! We study in the same place, technically. lol. Well IDK if we study in the same campus but.. yay to us! and my guess you are my sempai :) dont know how glad I am to know that I'm not the only Arashi fangirl here in MMU anymore :)

Anyway have fun and enjoy last few days of our semester break.

Off I go to wondering and lurking around LJ again :)



I'm in Malacca Campus.You if i am not mistaken is in Cyber.If i remember correctly.I do remember talking to someone on Aibaka who happens to be an MMU student too...haha xD Oh and my id is 10511.And i'm finishing my study this October. ;D

There are other Arashi fangirls in MMU!And i even found a fanboy.Whose ichiban is Matsujun.HAHAHAHAHA *rofl* Oh and since i'm a little blur and stuff..When exactly the new term starts?I'm confused with the new long-long-short trimester system i don't even know when MMU is opening again. T-T

Hey thank for dropping by.I shall be stalking over your lj. xD

OMG!You love Matsumiya?♥♥♥
Me too!!!And by the way,even though I thought I love Jun the most.But usually,my heart is stolen by Nino.And now I don't even know who is the person I love the most,I really dont=))
Well,I love your icons so much and you seem so nice,ne^^.So can we be friend?

I so doo!They're just so adorable i want to squish them both.ahaha xDD
Nino can take my heart in just a second of Gantz trailer.That is after i just oogle over Matsujun's recent AnAn.Nino is powerful.haha I think we're the same.Our ichiban must be both of them. xD

I....I'm nice?teehehehe *blushes* And of course we can be friends!I love making new friends ♥ I'm adding you.Add me back please? =DD

er...can I add you?
sbnrnya..sbb selalu nmpk...^^

That was a long long time ago you actually commented.Sorry? :D Been on hiatus.hahaha But yeah sure.I'm gonna add you up! :D

hey! sharmaine here.

can i add you? i see you on simple_robot at times & i just wanna make friends with more flumpool fans. ☺

i used to really like arashi. i really enjoyed seeing them on music station. but my adoration of them kinda waned after MSta stopped airing on animax, but i like them nonetheless. they're actually the only Johnny's boyband that i like.

oh & btw, i like reading you tumblr. lots of LOL moments. XD

*sorry for posting such random stuff here*

Hey~You can call me Syu :D

Yay!More flumpool fans!I haven't been able to be there for quite some times.I missed simple_robot >.<

LOL Well,i didn't discover them thru MSta.Honestly I've never seen them on Animax before. O.O I do like Kanjani8 and some of the older bands.But after Arashi and K8,I kinda stop liking any of their jrs. xD

Haha I'm glad you like my humble tumblr.I haven't been able update it lately though. T.T

And no worries about randomness.I'm always random too.hahaha

hi.. i'm myra.. from malaysia..
found one of your graphic at tumblr..
really nice ohno wallpaper..^^
can i add you??
thanks in advance..~~

I would just like to say that I love the Movin'on gif, haha.
I liked the whole performance of the song actually, and Nino's moves is the great factor why I do.. :)

hello :) i want to join the rgpf community , if it's okay .
jam desu :D an arashi fan . hope to be your friend . arigatou (_ _)
hajimamashite~ if you won't mind will u add me as a friend also ? thanks :))

Hi Jam-chan~

Gomenasai~ But we're not accepting any members for rgpf. However, nothing in rgpf is hidden, except for our random perverted conversation that I think people would rather not read. *winks

I'd like to be your friend if possible ^^
well my ichiiban is oh-chan but I have a hidden feelings for jun >

What should I call you? :D

I've added you back. :) And I'm so sorry but I'm slowing down on Arashi these days. haha
Anyway, my ichiban is still J with Nino holding my heart tightly. tehe~

hi can we be friends yoroshiku ne ^_^

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