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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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Okay. So I was banned from the internet for the holidays... Sorry for the late rep!:)

Thanks so much for adding me Syu. ☻☻☻

If you haven't been to simple_robot or flumpool_ko, then you should. There are sooo many updates & I can't digest it all. XD

Well, I've only watched MSta on animax (like, almost 4 years ago) & I immediately liked Arashi when they performed ''Love So Sweet". (Nino was adorable XD) I dunno why, but the other Johnny's group just didn't appeal to me after. I'm more into 'actual' bands, so that must be it. Arashi is just special (need I say more? haha). Plus, I liked Nino when he starred in Letters form Iwo Jima.


Ok. That IS really random.

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