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Simple Human

Who loves simple things - or not

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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

hehe...we have the same ichibans xD.

matsujun was my first ichiban and then i watched ryusei no kizuna and yamada taro monogatari so this way i started to like nino more and more.
and now i dont even know who's my ichiban, cuz i feel that i love them all the same ;)).
but nino and matsujun sure have higher places in my ranking xD.
and sorry for my random post here hehe, but i really felt like commenting since i discovered we have something in common :>

Heyyy~!*high fives* xD
I'm glad someone shares my interest in MatsuMiya xD
I kinda made my self decide on who's my ichiban..And stick their name in my heart somehow.hahaha
But i cross the border sometimes myself seeing Sho being ridiculously cute,Aiba with Panku and Riida,well being Riida. xDD

No no i don't mind random comments.NOT AT ALL.Especially if it's involves Arashi-chan~! xD

hehe ni kwn shasha neh..
i dah add u.
actually lv neh pon wat saje2 je kan bnyk fanlisting kt sini.. so c active sgt la my lv tuh.. but will try to update it when necessary.. by the way.. i loooooooove jun .. but i'm in love with ninomiya.. n my ichiban is ohno.. so how?? hahahaha

yatta~!added back <333
dulu sini utk downloads jugak..tapi lama2 ramai lak kawan kat sini..so active je memane.tp skang ni domain lagi satu tu belum up lagi.isk da bayar pun x up lagi >.<
ehhhh..skang ni cuma malas je nak tuka banner atas tu.. *whistles* i looooovvveeeeee Jun and my ichiban is him and if given the choice,i'll definitely wanna marry him.hahaha xD Tho he's not my first love [buwahahaha sila muntah pelangi tengok ayat ni] but he's forever my only love.Hahaha xD

waaah, can I friend you? :D

I like your graphics..

Oh of course! ^^ I'm adding you to my f-list too ;)
oh btw,i post my graphics in rgpf mostly. :D

hey there syu!
i've added u to my f-list.
btw, ur icon: 'matsujun, what r u doin'??

Amie!!! *hugs*
i added you too.Teehe~
Matsujun is doing what he does best.BEING my SEXY GUY ahahaha xDDD
forgive my delusional mind.

I too love arashi lately. Ohno is my ichiban, although I first met Jun for HYD.

Can I friend you? I like your icons and fanfics


(Sorry, my english is not good)

Hello there! ^^
Of course you can.I'm adding you back in a jiffy.Right after i reply this xD
Eto..But really,most of the things i post here are just random fangirling.Icons and fanfics are over in RGPF's comm xD

Maybe we can be friends ;D Yoroshiku ne! ^^

hello syu..
my name is rin from indo..
let's be friend ^^
thank you so much for adding me..I'll adding u back..
we have same ichiban and OTP*iheard it from zuu*
i'm sure u have heard from zuu that i try to find new friends here..Since i kinda new in LJ..XDD

Hiiii Rin~!

Sure.I love making friends.Especially those who shares the same ichiban AND OTP with me.I love Matsumiya.But i love Juntoshi too.Let's just say i love MatsuOhMiya.hahaha xD
Zukko told me about telling you about me.hahaha but let's get to know each other from now on ne.

Yoroshiku ne~! ^^

Hi, I'm Maruko..
Know your LJ from Zukko and Rin.
I'd like to make new friends, especially Arashian..XD
I loooove Sakurai Sho, used to dislike Jun but now completely fall in love with Jun..^^

I've heard a lot of you from Chii.But was shy to add. :"> xD

I'm adding you back~Oh but i spam my lj quite often with random spazzing.hahaha xD I used to not like Jun too.Before i'm in this fandom.But now.Well you can judge that seeing my layout.haha xD

Yoroshiku ne~!

Hello~ :D

I just realized that I haven't add you as friend. May I? I've already clicked the "add" button though ^^;;


Of course i wouldn't mind!I'm honoured that you're adding me in fact.And i've added you back♪

I'm Anne from Philippines
Matsujun was my first ichiban because of Gokusen ^_^
Then I started to like Nino and Nino became my ichiban but Matsujun is still in my top 3 XD
After that, I started to like Matsumiya XD

Nice meeting you and Let's be friends ^_^

Hi Annesparkles
Oh MY!I love Gokusen too!I love the first and second one most.They're just so cute.And Sawada Shin is just *bliss sigh*.I really like him in Gokusen.I don't think i can ever find anyone cuter than him being a delinquent.

Oh!What made you start liking Nino?
I basically went from Nino to Jun.We're the exact opposite?haha xD Oh and i ♥ Matsumiya too.They're just so cute together. xD

Nice meeting you too!And i hope we can be good friends!arrowup


Hello! Saw that you love MatsuJun, but your icon really caught my attention. The back of a naked man next to a window? That's Sakurai Sho, published in An-An 2010.1.27.

You can pretend it is MatsuJun if you want...

Oh hello there!Going anonymous?I wonder who you are. xD I'm a curious git by the way.Haha

I love Arashi and guy's back generally.And i do love Sakurai-san's back.Very much ♥ But i love Matsumoto-san more.I'm twisted.LOL

I rather not pretend it's Matsumoto-san to be completely honest.I love Sakurai-san as a whole,and Matsumoto-san too.So..it doesn't matter whom I use for my icon,because in the end,I love Arashi and all the members. =D

They're just too awesome for me to pick only one of them.Though most of time I'm contradicting myself by liking Matsumoto-san a bit more than the rest. xD

Re: Tid-bit (Anonymous) Expand

Can we be friends? :P

And and kyaaaaaaaa~!!!
Your layout is super cunnnnn seyh~~!!! XDD

kina~*major glompage*
B..B..But..we are already friends!haaahah

Eh?Neechan's layout is super cun?Hontou?iyaaaa yokatta *ureshii* i didn't exactly do this from scratch.Tukar-tukar colouring je.And alih2 sane sini.hahaha xD But ughhhhh Jun is cun.Of course he is.hahaha *a proud Jun obsessed fan*

Hi syu! ^^

I love the way you write Matsyujun instead of Matsujun. Inserting your name is cute!
And I laugh when you say you hate Edward because he sparkles instead of burns. LOL
Even though I quite like Twilight, I can still agree with you about that one.
And yes!! I can't hold my self picking pencils, pens, eraser, and even marker when I drop by in stationeries.>.<
I hope we can be best friend! XD

Hi Yuetsuki!Is there anything else i can call you?Something you'd prefer perhaps? =D

*blushes* I kinda like how it's easy to mash my name with his though.I have another journal too.Matsusyu. /bricked
hahahaha glad it made you laugh even though you're a Twilight fan.I was kinda afraid that some Twilight fan may hate me for it.But you seems okay with it so YAY! =D
I know right.They're just so irresistible.I cannot hold myself from buying new pens.I mean normal pens.Not some fancy ones.Even the 60 cents ones will get me excited.haha xD
and oh i hope so too!i'm sure we can once we talk more.oh and i'm adding you up.if you don't mind that is. =D

always see ur user name in simple_robot
and i have taken ur icons also (and love it soo much ^_^)

before i found ur lj acc, i've found ur blog first
accidentally always stalking it. gomen =(
curious with ur username
just discover it from Arashi song's right???
haha.. baka me =P

can we be friends??
and also want to join matsyujun community ^_^


B..b..b..but.I can't waittt for my photobook.OMG i need my money right now.You said there's only 2 books ordered by Kino right?One of it - mine. *grins* OMGGGGGG when will i get my moneeeyyy T_T

Oh and surely you can add me!I'll add you too.I flail a lot.But sometimes i..kinda go all depressed here.So i hope you don't mind that.And oh.You saw my blogspot?haha hazukashii yan~~ I'm usually get all weird when i write there.Oh wait.I'm all weird here too.haha

So.yes.Friends! ♥

Hey there Syu!
I'm Dayana. Yana for short :D
I was jun-baited to Arashi, then I met Nino :))
Can I friend you?
Since you're from Malaysia, I just have to add you XD
Sorry if you think I'm a stalker or anything. The fact is, I'm not.
I'm just a teenager who's still studying in a secondary schl :)

Hello there Yana!
Ohhh i was the exact opposite.Nino baited before i practically fell head over heels in love with Jun. 8D
Sure you can friend me.I'll add u back after replying this. xD And no worries.I'm a bit of a stalker mysefl.HAHAHA

mind introducing yourself first? :D