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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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Hehe. I was joking. :D

I'm amazed with your tukar2 colouring and alih2 skills. I'd never succeed doing that. :P Yup! Jun is cun and all the purple colour, perghhh~!! I feel like to steel neechan's stylesheet code. XDD

Haha it's not that hard once you get the hang of it. ^^ Just get a colour code table from google,an adobe photoshop to test out the colour compatible,and you're good to go. xD Lagipun Neechan guna cleaned style sheet.So it's easier to edit.Everything is already tersusun.heheh
Steal my style sheet?

neechan pun steal dari situ ha.HAHAHA xD

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