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Simple Human

Who loves simple things - or not

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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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HAHAHA losing them is the best reason to restock isn't it?Usually i misplace my stuffs a lot.Restock and find the older ones accidentally.haha xD

Oh.I'm just using a Samsung Digicam xD Not bulky dslr stuffs.I'm still saving money for that.Oh.If you've watch Arashi in Kokuritsu the part where they were preparing for the concert there,my camera is exactly like Aiba-chan's.Even the colour is the same. =D

yes, I've watched it.
I thought that your camera is the one like sho-chan have.
Sho-chan use the dslr type isn't he?

Hmmm..I'm not too sure.It looks like a dslr.But i know someone who owns a digicam that looks like a dslr.the way he handles the camera,it doesn't look like a dslr.but i'll check again later.ahaha xDD

when i saw Aiba-chan's camera i was shocked to see it exactly the same as mine.got excited for a while.haha but i really would've like Sho-chan's camera tho. ♥

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