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Simple Human

Who loves simple things - or not

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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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thought that also
but since HMV also out of print, it make me curious even more

haha.. he's look cute on it but love more with those 'banjir' pants
but still confuse, wheres his head????
look thousand times, still didn't see it

should say that we share the same boat
weirdness is my best friend
bcoz i couldn't talk like this in real life
no one seems interested on it =(

Hahah his head was under Kazuki's butt?LOL LOL LOL

They're getting more famous these days.It's only normal that they actually have stuffs out of print. xD

Weird people are great people.At least i believe so. /bricked.haha
Noone's interested in my fandom IRL too.Not that i care much tho.I still have lj friends too flail around with.hehehe

haha.. at least he didn't died XD

yeah, lj friends are awesome
sometimes feels like home here... ^_^
got a friend who sometimes listen to my story about this fandom
she's doesn't mind about it although not understand a bit
the funniest part is my dad know how much i love arashi
haha.. wish he know flumpool name
since my wallies keep changing btwn arashi & flumpool

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