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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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mind introducing yourself first? :D

Are you sure I need to?


Why don't you check my journal out to make sure XD (master)

NANI MY JUNMA HEROOO!!!!! *hugggs*
Where have you been~~~~ T.T Why delete the other account btw?oh and i'm surely adding you back! ;D


Masterrr! **hugsss***

It had to be done I guess. That journal wasn't stable anyway.

Wasn't stable?What does that mean?
Anyway,i'm glad you're backk~~Yay~~!!
And you have another fic comm?I joined right away.haha xD

Ah forget the other journal I'm making a fresh start and thanks for helping me ^_^

Ah.Fresh start ii na~ xD
And hey,you're much much much welcome! ♥

I'm just glad you're back. xD

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