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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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ah~ thank you for adding me back~ ^^

ungg~,, where i can get those OVA and drama SP syu-chan?? i really wanna see it~ and is the manga ended? i read it at mangafox but still ongoing....hmmmmm~

huaa~ you don't like edward? XDD
in my case, i really love guy who "head-over-heels" to his girl. so, to me, edward is OK!! kyahahahah! *whistle*

Uh oh.Shoot.Sorry.I just noticed your comment here.tehehehe xD

Uh...I watched it wayyyy back..i think in..uh..2007?2008?I can't remember.But it was in crunchyroll.Both OVA and the drama SP.I'm not sure where to download it'm not sure about the manga tho.ufufufu.

Uh..My view of Edward might hurt Edward's fan.So i rather not elaborate why i coughhatecough him.haha *bricked*

hoo....i think i would search it by myself. Arigachuu~!!
Btw, how the ending is? *needs some spoiler ufufufufu~ *

how if *coughcough* Edward played by Junjun or Nino?? XDD~!

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