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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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I was wondering around LJ just to read a lot waste my time right now and I came across your LJ and read this post and this one sentence caught my attention

I'm a Muslim Malaysian.A student of Multimedia University.And erm.A future engineer.I hope so. xD

and OMG! We study in the same place, technically. lol. Well IDK if we study in the same campus but.. yay to us! and my guess you are my sempai :) dont know how glad I am to know that I'm not the only Arashi fangirl here in MMU anymore :)

Anyway have fun and enjoy last few days of our semester break.

Off I go to wondering and lurking around LJ again :)



I'm in Malacca Campus.You if i am not mistaken is in Cyber.If i remember correctly.I do remember talking to someone on Aibaka who happens to be an MMU student too...haha xD Oh and my id is 10511.And i'm finishing my study this October. ;D

There are other Arashi fangirls in MMU!And i even found a fanboy.Whose ichiban is Matsujun.HAHAHAHAHA *rofl* Oh and since i'm a little blur and stuff..When exactly the new term starts?I'm confused with the new long-long-short trimester system i don't even know when MMU is opening again. T-T

Hey thank for dropping by.I shall be stalking over your lj. xD

I study at Melaka for my dip until last year before I proceed with my degree at Cyber yang super bosan ni lol. That time I'm staying at MMU Melaka hostel.

and as for when the new term starts its tomorrow =D

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