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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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I so doo!They're just so adorable i want to squish them both.ahaha xDD
Nino can take my heart in just a second of Gantz trailer.That is after i just oogle over Matsujun's recent AnAn.Nino is powerful.haha I think we're the same.Our ichiban must be both of them. xD

I....I'm nice?teehehehe *blushes* And of course we can be friends!I love making new friends ♥ I'm adding you.Add me back please? =DD

I am so happy that you added me dear^^
And it's my pleasure to add you back♥
To let you know,I hate Twilight too*whisper*.I don't know why but I don't like Bella,maybe because she is so weak.
Hug you dear♥♥♥

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