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Friends Only.And I'm Serious.
my ryota

Not accepting any more friend requests. Sorry :)

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hey! sharmaine here.

can i add you? i see you on simple_robot at times & i just wanna make friends with more flumpool fans. ☺

i used to really like arashi. i really enjoyed seeing them on music station. but my adoration of them kinda waned after MSta stopped airing on animax, but i like them nonetheless. they're actually the only Johnny's boyband that i like.

oh & btw, i like reading you tumblr. lots of LOL moments. XD

*sorry for posting such random stuff here*

Hey~You can call me Syu :D

Yay!More flumpool fans!I haven't been able to be there for quite some times.I missed simple_robot >.<

LOL Well,i didn't discover them thru MSta.Honestly I've never seen them on Animax before. O.O I do like Kanjani8 and some of the older bands.But after Arashi and K8,I kinda stop liking any of their jrs. xD

Haha I'm glad you like my humble tumblr.I haven't been able update it lately though. T.T

And no worries about randomness.I'm always random too.hahaha

Okay. So I was banned from the internet for the holidays... Sorry for the late rep!:)

Thanks so much for adding me Syu. ☻☻☻

If you haven't been to simple_robot or flumpool_ko, then you should. There are sooo many updates & I can't digest it all. XD

Well, I've only watched MSta on animax (like, almost 4 years ago) & I immediately liked Arashi when they performed ''Love So Sweet". (Nino was adorable XD) I dunno why, but the other Johnny's group just didn't appeal to me after. I'm more into 'actual' bands, so that must be it. Arashi is just special (need I say more? haha). Plus, I liked Nino when he starred in Letters form Iwo Jima.


Ok. That IS really random.

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